FRONTLINE’s Raney Aronson-Rath Named Editor-in-Chief


Rahoul Ghose/PBS

July 27, 2022
Anne Husted Manager, Public Relations & Communications, FRONTLINE

WED., JULY 27, BOSTON — The PBS investigative documentary series FRONTLINE announced today that its executive producer Raney Aronson-Rath has been newly named the organization’s executive producer and editor-in-chief.

Aronson-Rath’s new title as executive producer and editor-in-chief of FRONTLINE comes as the series continues to increase its journalistic footprint through major editorial collaborations with national and international newsrooms such as The Associated Press, The New York Times and ProPublica.

A leading voice in the future of journalism and documentary filmmaking, Aronson-Rath has served as the series’ executive producer for the past seven years. She has overseen FRONTLINE’s acclaimed reporting on air, streaming and online, directing the series’ editorial vision — executive producing more than 25 in-depth documentaries each year on critical issues facing the country and the world.

“FRONTLINE’s storytelling has always relied on one guiding principle: journalism first,” says Aronson-Rath. “I hope that this change reinforces our deep commitment to reporting, to the craft of documentary filmmaking, and to public media’s mission — and I am honored to have a title that is in line with my editorial counterparts at news organizations across the globe.”

“Raney’s title recognizes her editorial and creative leadership not just running FRONTLINE but evolving it into a multiplatform publisher that continues to expand audiences, partnerships and platforms,” says GBH’s Vice President of National Programming, John Bredar. “On a more personal level, the change recognizes GBH’s deep respect for the quality of Raney’s work and her commitment to the editorial legacy of a series that continues to do so much on behalf of our common purpose as Americans.”

Under Aronson-Rath’s leadership, the boundaries of what a traditional investigative documentary series can be have been pushed. She’s expanded FRONTLINE’s acclaimed storytelling into podcasts, theatrical films, and innovative and interactive digital reporting, all while keeping a sharp focus on ways to make the series’ journalism more transparent, accessible and told from an array of diverse perspectives.

Aronson-Rath joined FRONTLINE in 2007 as a senior producer after directing documentaries for the series. She was named executive producer in 2015 by David Fanning, who founded and created the series in 1983 and was the executive producer for 32 years.


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