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June 4, 2015

This week, Caitlyn Jenner’s debut on the cover of Vanity Fair made waves across the country, sparking a national conversation on what it means to be transgender.

Jenner, the former Olympic decathlete previously known as Bruce, made a highly publicized transition from male to female at age 65.

But as FRONTLINE explores this month in the new 90-minute special, Growing Up Trans (June 30), many children are now switching genders, too — with new medical options, and at younger and younger ages.

Told from the perspective of parents, doctors, and, most revealing of all, the kids themselves, Growing Up Trans is an intimate and eye-opening journey inside this new frontier — where it’s now possible for children who feel they were born in the wrong body to never have to go through the puberty of their biological sex.

Also this month: On June 23, following up on the award-winning collaboration that produced Rape in the Fields/Violación de un Sueño in 2013, FRONTLINE teams up with Univision, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting, the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley and KQED to investigate the sexual abuse of immigrant women who clean the malls where you shop, the banks where you do business and the offices where you work.

Plus, we’ll bring you rebroadcasts of Prison State (June 9) and Solitary Nation (June 16) — our acclaimed, two-part investigation of incarceration in America.

Here’s a closer look at our June lineup:

June 9 | Prison State

June 16 | Solitary Nation

June 23 | Rape on the Night Shift

June 30 | Growing Up Trans

Check your local PBS listings here.

Patrice Taddonio

Patrice Taddonio, Senior Digital Writer, FRONTLINE



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