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Rural Health Care: The Other Texas Drought

Rural communities in the Texas Panhandle have struggled to keep up in the fight against the coronavirus. The Texas Newsroom examines the shortage of health care resources people living in those communities face.

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Texas Slow to Adopt Potential Solutions to Keep Rural Hospitals Open
The hospital in Stamford, Texas, closed in 2018, making it one of 24 rural hospitals to close in the state since 2005. This closure left nearly 3,000 residents without immediate access to healthcare.
The Texas Newsroom
January 19, 2022
The Other Texas Drought: Rural Healthcare in Jeopardy as Hospitals Shutter
Rural hospitals are up against many obstacles. They often face low reimbursements from insurance companies. Many of the hospitals rely on patients and Medicare payments, but their populations are older or declining.
Texas Newsroom
December 20, 2021
Rural Health and Hospitals: A Focus on Texas
Data compiled by the APM Research Lab explains why Texas leads the nation in rural hospital closures.
The Texas Newsroom
September 29, 2021
Ralls Residents Face Uncertainty as the Rural Community's EMS is in Jeopardy
The residents of Ralls, TX are facing uncertainty as they are at risk of losing their Emergency Medical Service station.
The Texas Newsroom
July 20, 2021
The Doctor is Out: Texas Community Worries About Future Without Local Healthcare
The problem the residents of Bowie, TX, face is one that has become more prevalent around the U.S. as at least 136 rural hospitals have closed in the last decade.
The Texas Newsroom
June 18, 2021
Fight for Healthcare Access in Rural East Texas Continues as Some of the State’s Hospitals Face Closures
Texans in rural communities are facing an ongoing crisis as hospitals and medical facilities shutter. Randy Lindauer has spent the last few months renovating a hospital in East Texas, preparing it to reopen after it closed in 2019 — leaving about 56,000 residents without access to basic or emergency healthcare.
The Texas Newsroom
April 22, 2021
As Texas Struggles to Get COVID Vaccines, Rural Communities Are Hit Especially Hard
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, rural communities in the Texas Panhandle have struggled to keep up in the fight against the coronavirus. Early on they faced limited testing supplies and personal protective equipment. Now they can’t seem to get vaccines into arms fast enough.
The Texas Newsroom
January 29, 2021