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Picture of Moai with back of mold removed Moai Removed from Mold
by Liesl Clark
April 27, 1998

"Gentlemen, I want it cut, " said Jo Anne Van Tilburg. There was silence for a brief moment, then Van Tilburg's team began preparations for cutting the fiberglass mold from the face of the concrete moai. Just an hour earlier, the replica statue was lifted upright by a crane from its horizontal position to stand a full 14 feet in height. As it stood upright, Van Tilburg's team gave a relieved cheer; the first major step in the long process of transporting and raising a modern-day moai had been accomplished.

Photo of moai with top part of mold coming loose The lower part of the mold came right off, but the face proved more difficult, as the beautifully-shaped features seemed to offer a surface for the mold to cling to. Van Tilburg's solution was to cut the mold from the face. A chainsaw was fired up and minutes later fiberglass was separated from concrete and a moai was born.

Photo of Jo Anne inspecting the moai Tomorrow the stone giant's face will be finished by artist/sculptors Santi Hito and Cristian Arevalo Pakarati. The maoi will be placed face-down on a wooden sledge and transported by flat-bed truck to Tongariki, the location where the experiments will begin.

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Photos: Liesl Clark

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