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Secrets of Easter Island
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Photo of Anakena Beach Anakena Beach

This is the most Polynesian-looking part of the island, a true paradise with a grove of coconut palms that stretches to a white sand beach and a calm blue cove of warm Pacific waters. Anakena is one of two sand beaches on an island that is otherwise surrounded by a rough, black rock coastline. The idyllic setting here is interrupted by an ahu with six moai, a stark reminder that you are still on Easter Island. The distinct features of the moai, with carvings on their backs, are accented by the red scoria top knots, or pukaos, on their heads. This is where the island's first settlers, Hotu Matu'a and his family, are believed to have landed.

Photo of Anakena Beach Photo of Anakena Beach

Photo of Anakena Beach

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Ahu Anakena Ahu Anakena QTVR

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