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Set 6, posted March 18, 1999
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Without a doubt this is the most exciting and visually astounding site on the Internet. The Apple QuickTime VR images are wonderful and useful both to the casual observer and to the expert archaeologist. The work that went into creating this Egyptian exhibit was worth it and I do hope it remains on the Internet and that others of equal quality are added...I would love to see Classical art and architecture be an addition and to that other landmarks of art and architecture from Indonesia, India, China...anywhere that the human race has spoken to us with stone and paint, wood and color. Thank you for this effort!

Professor Neil Fiertel
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Dear Sirs,
Well, I did like your site very much and was happy that such things are done on the Internet. I hope that you can e-mail me of anything new on the site in the future...And if you know of other site of such type as yours...
Congratulations....Good luck on your good work...

Mrs. D. Kfoury
Cairo, Egypt

Amazing! I've been fascinated by ancient Egypt all my life, but never had the chance to go there. This is the next best thing. Thanks for a wonderful learning experience.

Art Kosatka
Olney, MD

Just cruised through the "Mysteries of the Nile" pages. The QuickTime tour is great! Works well, and really makes it fun to explore. Nice job, thank you!

(name witheld by request)

This is such a fun, interesting and (lord I hate to say it) awesome site—that is, it has filled me with awe. Thanks so much.

Holly Gault
Seattle, WA

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