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Web Links
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
With an extensive archive of over 1,000 documents, the NHTSA Web site lists information on topics ranging from Air Bags to Child Passenger Safety to Vehicle & Equipment Information.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, research and communications organization dedicated to reducing highway crash deaths, injuries, and property damage losses.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is an alliance of consumer, health, and safety groups along with insurance companies and agents, all working to improve the safety of car travel. The site contains information on automobile safety ranging from the latest news to special reports and fact sheets.

Federal Highway Administration
Managed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the site provides general resource information (publications, statistics, legislation, and regulations documents) about the management of American highways. It also contains a link to the Intelligent Transportation Systems electronic document library.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Through online quizzes and educational and research materials, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is an educational site designed to provide general safety information to prevent traffic accidents.

Styling Vs. Safety: The American Automobile Industry and the Development of Automotive Safety, 1900 - 1966
by Joel W. Eastman
University Press of America, Lanham, MD, 1984.
Styling Vs. Safety is an in-depth study of the evolution of safety features in the American automobile. A historical investigation of the development process, it is a fantastic resource for those interested in learning more about the early history of car safety.

America on Wheels : The First 100 Years : 1896-1996
by Frank Coffey and Joseph Layden
General Publishing Group, 1998
This full-color volume provides a gripping history of the automobile, from the Model T to the computer-driven cars of the future. The book was done in conjunction with a PBS documentary of the same name.

The Automobile : A Chronology of Its Antecedents, Development, and Impact
by Clay McShane
Greenwood Publishing Group, 1997
This comprehensive chronology of the automobile covers its engineering as well as the social, cultural, and political impact of the car. It examines the auto industry, the road and roadside, the car in popular culture, gasoline/fuel history, the spatial transformation of cities, air pollution, critics of car culture, traffic accidents, the globalization of car culture, and much more.

The Used Car Reliability and Safety Guide (2nd Ed. Issn 1075-6248)
by Adam Berliant
Betterway Publications, 1997
Completely updated, this compilation of consumer complaints from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration brings used car shoppers the facts they need to purchase a reliable vehicle.

"Hydraulic Brakes"
by Stanley P. Stokes
Scientific American, February 1998
The article highlights the basic principles used in hydraulic automotive braking systems.

"The first 100 years of transportation safety: parts 1 and 2"
by Anthony J. Yanik
Automotive Engineering, January/February 1996
This piece provides a comprehensive retrospective of the history of car safety in the U.S.

Special Thanks
Dr. Joel Eastman
Tim Hurd (NHTSA)
Kevin Burns (Veridian Engineering; formerly Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory)
George Retseck
Ben Walker
Jim Betts
Richard Quinn

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