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Web Links
United States Coast Guard
The Web site of the Coast Guard offers information on boating safety, environmental protection, law enforcement, and job opportunities.

National Safe Boating Council
The mission of the National Safe Boating Council is to provide a forum for advancing and fostering safe boating, and educating the public in safe boating principles. Its Web site includes newsletters, releases, campaigns, and other related resources.
BoatSafe offers online boating courses, tips, safety information, and contests. The site even has a section devoted to young people: BoatSafeKids.

How to Survive on Land and Sea
by Frank C. Craighead, John Johnson Craighead (Contributor), and Ray E. Smith.
United States Naval Institute, 1984
How to Survive on Land and Sea provides practical information on how to survive in compromising situations. The guide demonstrates practical ways to keep from dehydrating and starving to death.

A Practical Guide to Lifeboat Survival
by the Center for the Study and Practice of Survival and David S. Jeffs
Naval Institute Press, 1997
Translated into English, three French sailors recount their experiences and the lessons learned with survival and rescue at sea.

Training and Technology for Safety at Sea
Summary Proceedings, University of Alaska Sea Grant, 1992
The book is a compilation of summaries from the presentations given at the "Training and Technology for Safety at Sea" proceedings. Topics for the 13 papers include Coast Guard regulations, effectiveness of sea survival training, new equipment designs, cross-cultural training, and treating hypothermia.

Survival at Sea: The Lifeboat and Liferaft
by C.H. Wright
Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., 1997
A detailed handbook that outlines the specifications, regulations, and safety procedures for lifeboats and life rafts.

Rescue from Disaster
by Harold Nockolds
An excellent book that traces the design and development of lifeboats in the 20th century.

Special Thanks
Martin Verhoef (Verhoef Aluminum Scheepsbouw Industrie B.V.)
Norsafe AS
Cathy McDermott (U.S. Coast Guard)
Dr. James K. Nelson (Clemson University)
Kari Guddal (Imperial International Inc.)
Prosar Technologies Inc.
Zodiac International

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