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Web Links
Federal Aviation Adminstration
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the element of the U.S. government with primary responsibility for the safety of civil aviation. Its Web site provides information on airports, air traffic services, civil aviation security, and future projects of the Administration.

Fly Smart
Fly Smart, an air traveler's guide, offers tips to make a "safe flight even safer."

Boeing's Web site offers information on the company's history, its current products, and its designs for the future.

World Wide Web Virtual Library: Aviation
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's resource page divides its many links into categories such as Commercial Aviation, Museum, Videos, Weather, and even Skydiving.

Aviation History On-Line Museum
This site offers a collection of images and text about some of the world's most historic aircraft. Its content includes the early years of aviation, construction technology, aircraft engines, and the theory of flight.

National Air & Space Museum
The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum maintains the largest collection of historic air- and spacecraft in the world. It is also a vital center for research into the history, science, and technology of aviation and space flight. Its Web site offers information about the museum as well as online exhibits.

The Pre-Astronauts
by Craig Ryan
Naval Institute Press, 1995
Read the inspiring stories of Joe Kittinger and the other brave men who pushed our understanding of how humans fare at high altitudes.

Just in Case: A Passenger's Guide to Airplane Safety and Survival
by Daniel A. Johnson
Plenum Publishing Corp, 1984
The book teaches how people behave during aircraft emergencies and other emergency conditions.

Why Airplanes Crash : Aviation Safety in a Changing World
by Clinton V. Oster, Jr., John S. Strong (Contributor), and C. Kurt Zorn (Contributor)
Oxford University Press, 1992
Why Airplanes Crash takes a look at the major causes of commercial airline accidents.

Aircraft Mishap Photography : Documenting the Evidence
by John Panas
Iowa State University Press, 1996
Explains the role of photography in aircraft mishap investigation, what to expect at an accident site, and what precautions to take both for personal and equipment safety and to avoid destroying evidence.

by the Editors of Flying Magazine
Tab Books, 1994
Drawn from one of Flying magazine's most popular features of the past 30 years, Aftermath tells the riveting stories of real aviation accidents, examining what happened and what lessons can be learned.

Aviation Disasters: The World's Major Civil Airliner Crashes Since 1950
by David Gero
Motorbooks International, 1996
Disasters briefly explains the apparent why and wherefore of many well-known and some not-so-well-known aviation disasters.

Commercial Aviation Safety
by Alexander T. Wells
The McGraw-Hill Companies, 1997
This text integrates research in human factors, air traffic systems, and aircraft technologies. The work also contains chapter outlines, review questions, and key terms.

Special Thanks
Allied Signal
Chris Cayten
Bill Cowie
Ron Crotty
John Dern
Harold "Bud" Donner
Joe Kittinger
Bob Mathews
Ed McCarter
Ned Preston
Craig Ryan

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