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Responses and Comments #4
May 2, 1997


Dave Carter,

Everyone in Indianapolis is extremely excited about your trek to the summit. We are very proud of you and following your progress via the website daily. Joanie in the Speedway Flagroom has a chicken sandwich with mustard and a pitcher of water waiting for you upon your return. I hope you're back in time for The Race and La Jolla afterwards. Let us know if your interested in Indy 500 updates during May. Good luck and God bless,

Kevin and Wendy Davey
Response from David Carter:

Thanks for your support. Everything is going really well. We should be heading back up on the mountain in a couple of days to make our push for the summit.

Best regards,

Comment and Question:

Message from Hoosier State to David Carter & team:

Our condolences and support go out to the family, friends, & climbing team of Mal Duff. Dave I hope this e-mail finds you and your team well. What is your location on everest at this time? Will you be making an attempt for the summit this time around? If you do how many in your party would there be? Look forward to hearing from you.

Dennis Collins
Indianapolis, IN.

Response from David Carter:

Dear Dennis,

We are now at Base Camp taking a much needed rest. We will probably be leaving Base Camp in the next five days for our summit push. Most likely, there will be seven climbers going for the summit.


Hello to David Carter,

I grew up with you in Sylvan Ridge. I know that many Hoosiers, myself included, are praying for your safe return. I wondered if this climb was any easier, either mentally or physically, because of your earlier climb on Everest? Also, how far up the mountain are the laptops going? And, what kind of computer equipment is there?

Nancy Johnson Heck
Carmel, Indiana

Response from David Carter:
Dear Nancy,

Yes. The climb is a lot easier because of my earlier attempt on Everest. This time I know what to expect and it makes things much easier for me. Mentally, I'm not as stressed as I was in 1991. The computers live full time at Base Camp. We are currently using two Apple Powerbook computers (one is a 1400c and the other is a 5300cs) that connect daily to our satellite phone so that we can download all the e-mail coming into our site. Thanks for your support.

All the best,
Dave Carter


My question is for David Carter. I'm wondering how many Hoosiers (if any) have ever reached the summit of Everest? I am, like many other Hoosiers, am amazed that mountain climbing became your passion considering there isnt a mountain in the state :) Anyway, if you didnt know the Pacers missed the playoffs and we might lose our coach (Larry Brown) in the process. Good luck and God's Speed!

Michael Honan
Indianapolis, IN

Response from David Carter:
Dear Michael,

I'm not sure if any Hoosiers have summitted Everest before but I think that Chris Chandler (from the 1976 American Everest Expedition) was from Bloomington, Indiana.

Thanks for writing.
Dave Carter

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