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May 20, 2000
Update: Night Walk

Following is the transcript of a voice call from NOVA Online producer Peter Tyson and Malagasy guide Angeluc Razafimanantsoa who are on location in the Ankarana Reserve.

leaf-tailed gecko A leaf-tailed gecko has no eyelids. It uses its fleshy tongue to clean its eyes.
This is Peter Tyson calling from the west side of the Ankarana reserve. It's nighttime now and we're on a night walk in the jungle trying to find creatures. Angeluc my guide has just found a leaf-tailed gecko. And he's grabbing it right now out of a tree. He's got it! It's opened its mouth really wide. It's about as big as his hand and it's colored the same as the tree bark it was on.

To me, this animal is one of the most extraordinary in Madagscar and it symbolizes all the evolutionary wonders that have gone on here. He's got big amber eyes. His tail is shaped like a leaf. It's a fascinating looking animal, very bizarre.

Angeluc is not making any noise, even though this creature is sinking his teeth into his finger right now. He's a beautiful animal. It's called Uroplatus henkeli, the scientific name. It just symbolizes everything that is weird and wonderful about this island.

Peter Tyson is Online Producer for NOVA.

Check back tomorrow for another update from the field.

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Photo: Peter Tyson/library photo.

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