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What is your reaction to the stories of the soldiers of Bad Voodoo Platoon?

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Thank you to the soldiers for giving the rest of us an inside view of what it's really like "over there". As a wife of an Army Sargent, stationed in Iraq, it's given me a new perspective of what he, and all other soldiers, are experiencing. Don't forget that we all support you and appreciate the sacrifices that you have made.

All our prayers for a safe and prompt return to your families,Ally R.

Ally Radenheimer
Winfield, WV


Thank you for showing our country what "reality" is.PV2 Gerow, combat engineer, U.S. Army National Guard

Raleigh, NC


I just want to thank the men of Bad Voodoo for the job their doing. I want to thank Frontline for putting this on where people can see whats happening. And I want to thank Deborah for continuing to tell the soldiers story. I was one of the members of C 3-172 MTN INF who filmed The War Tapes. I know first hand what these men have gone through, and the roads they travel. Keep up the good work Bad Voodoo. I look forward to hearing that you've all come home.

Brandon Wilkins
Elizabethton, TN


Being ex-Army I was moved by this show and I am glad you showed thier world from a soldiers view rather than a newsman view and commentary. These guys are thier for us, we as a country should never forget that nor forget any veteran that has served with Honor and Dignity

Tom Barr
St. Peters, MO


After watching this program on April 1, and then following the story online at, every day, I'm so dismayed at our elected officials and presidential candidates for not spending more time to educate and remind the public what words like "bravery" and "sacrifice" and "honor" mean to every American.

So every day that I read or watch an update from Bad Voodoo Platoon at, I cut-n-paste the team's words and/or attach the videos and email them to my local and state officials. I remind them, "Think you're having a tough day at work? Read this!"

Greg Diaz
Venice, CA


I served with A Company, 2-127th Infantry of the Wisconsin National Guard. We ran the same convoy security mission as SSG Nunn and his battalion from 2005 - 2006 out of Camp Navistar Kuwait, before it was moved to Camp Virginia. I have alot of respect for what you guys are doing, it is a dangerous and frustrating job, but it needs to be done. Keep up the good work guys, and come home safe.

Stevens Point, Wisconsin


Thanks to all of the military personnel who risk their lives everyday. I personally know of some young people who have served in Iraq , some have returned home in one piece, some have not.

It really saddens and angers me that George Bush and Dick Cheney can't see past their self interest and the self interest of the rich and powerful that they represent, to fully comprehend how many lives that they have negatively impacted by their immoral actions.

lance lindeman
oakdale , mn


This program electrified me. I can see it has stirred controversy, as the truth will always do. I feel admiration and respect for the men of Bad Voodoo Co. and fear for their safety. I feel gratitude for Frontline & Sgt. Nunn for the work they're doing so we can see truth. And I feel intense anguish and sorrow that they and their comrades are going through so much for so little. As a result of this program I am volunteering for the Obama campaign because I believe Sen. Obama has the best chance of bringing these brave, wonderful heroes home safe, soon, and seeing that they get the best care.

Shelley Cataldo
Elkhart, IN


Thank you for doing this piece. Their story needed to be told. It was a great piece of storytelling. What better way than to get the public, as close as you can, into the shoes of a soldier.

I also, really appreciate the fact that I can watch these online. I love in Budapest, Hungary and depend on the internet for all my news and information. Frontline gives me a look at issues like no other program.

Thank you, Frontline. I pray for a safe return of all our troops!


Erin Barrett
Budapest, Hungary


This is the kind of thing that we all need to see to help us understand the state of our union. Regardless of whether or not we believe in "Operation Iraqi Freedom," which I personally do not, we all have a responsibility to be educated about it. Storytellers like Deborah Scranton make this responsibility that much more palatable and possible for the general public. Thank God for those storytellers who are dedicated to enlightenment and not obfuscation.

Finn Yarbrough
Providence, RI


My platoon handed over authority to Bad Voodoo, and I have the utmost respect for what these guys do - this is one of the most difficult jobs in-theater. I do, however, have to question the actions of SFC Nunn. His job is to look after his guys, not worry about getting the proper dramatic shot. This is a combat mission, and some fantastic people's lives are at stake - his concentration should be focused on the mission and the mission alone. Yeah, it sucks not getting recognition, but we all knew what we were getting ourselves in to.

In any event, best of luck to these guys for the rest of their deployment and beyond. Keep your heads down.

Isaac Eagan
Milwaukee, WI


I am a viewer from Hong Kong. Yes, another side of the world.Thanks for posting those video on the web. Your good work not only letting American know more, you let the world know more.I admire soldiers' courage, but frankly nobody wants war. I just hope the war will be ended ASAP and everybody can go back home.Good Luck to ALL soldiers.

Gary Chan
Hong Kong , Hong Kong


Thank you for this remarkable piece. I have fully appreciated seeing what it is like for our troops. Bosses, stand down -- the American Public is not stupid. We want to understand what is going on, we want the information, we are not mushrooms -- give us more credit than that. I learned long ago as a small child that if you tell the truth, thers is nothing to be afraid of. Whatever the situation -- we all do much better knowing the truth. May every soldier come home safely. Thank you for your sacrifice.

Teresa Mason
Snohomish, WA


Gosh, I was just flipping through the channels and KLRU had your broadcast on. As much as I did not want to watch it because I get emotional over whatever I watch on TV, I felt the least I can do is watch. You guys are over there day after day, serving our country while I drive to work, come home, work in the yard, watch a little tv and sleep peacefully. By the end of the program I was so mad, you guys should be here. You're right, they don't want us over here, and instead of holding signs "go home" like we would do, they kill you with IUD's. Some big thanks for stopping the onslaughter of innocent civilians. I'm sorry, I know most civilians are appreciative, for all that you have done, there are just some that know no other way than to express their feelings with violence, that's how they have been taught. I will pray to God every night to bring all of you home safely. I don't know what I would do if I follow your sight and someone has died. I will be deeply effected, because your program has made me be there in a way, with you and your daily stress. Seeing the reality of the long drives, for what? Why are they making you drive such long distances? To make a presence? I guess I will understand more as I watch your website. Please be safe and know that we are thinking of you and want you home. God Speed!

Hilde Sanders
Austin, TX


I wrote previously thanking Bad Voodoo, my brother and his unit and all of the American troops serving on our behalf. True Blue State American and the "anonymous" soldier from Camp Virginia in Kuwait should be ashamed. Not because of what they wrote, because thank goodness for the 1st Amendment and the right to our opinions, but because both of them did not have the decency or respect of being an American to stand behind their opinions and post their names. It is a cowardly move. To the "anonymous" soldier in Kuwait, before you put your uniform on today it might be a good idea to reflect on all the soldiers who have courageously fought and defended our rights and who weren't afraid to stand up for what they believed in. I would like to thank you for being a service member and for your time spent in active duty but it's hard to thank someone who is "anonymous".

Christina Jorgensen
Discovery Bay, CA


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posted april 1, 2008

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