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cody's band - seven rise up

Cody's band, Seven Rise Up, performing

Cody's band, Seven Rise Up, perform

Singer/guitarist Cody Perkins, keyboardist Jason Johnson, and bassist Anthony Fraley make up the Christian heavy metal band, Seven Rise Up. They met as high school students in Prestonsburg, Ky., are now in their early 20s and cite as influences mainstream groups such as Slayer, Pantera and Black Sabbath as well as Christian-influenced bands like Demon Hunter and Antestor. While the band describe themselves as "progressive hillbilly death and roll (a.k.a. chaos metal)," Cody writes on their Web site, "I want to show the love of God and Christ to people, and not be what the world and church has perverted Christianity into. We are not here to be perfect and we are not here to be faceless robots. We are here only because we are ALL children of God. … God bless and stay brutal."

Seven Rise Up is featured in Part Three of "Country Boys" where they travel to West Virginia to play at The Rock, a small Christian club in Logan. There, Cody tells the audience the story of his father's death and then sings the song that he wrote about it. "If you've heard his testimony, it's relatively powerful," says Pastor Bill Stukenberg, who became a religious mentor to Cody at Grace Fellowship Church in Prestonsburg. Stukenberg had been hesitant to have the band perform at a Saturday night church event, but says he saw first-hand how "God used Cody's music one way or the other to reach people."

Seven Rise Up currently is at work on an album which they hope to release in Winter 2006, and they continue to play shows in the eastern Kentucky region.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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