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Interview: C.J. Pascoe, Ph.D.

A young sociologist studying teenagers and digital media, Pascoe offers a fascinating glimpse into the new public and private worlds that teens are making online.

Their Very Public Private Lives

Teens are sharing personal information online and posting photos and videos of themselves constantly. Is it simply "old teenage culture in a new wrapper" or a real transformation -- and a real danger?

Interview: Steve Maher

A high school social studies teacher in upscale Chatham, N.J., Maher's a big advocate of technology in the classroom. He sees his role as preparing students for the digital age where what they know will not be as important as how they evaluate information from disparate sources.

Interview: Rose Porpora

An English teacher for 30 years, Porpora believes her traditional way of teaching still matters very much, but technology has made her feel "a bit like a dinosaur," and she worries about the Internet's impact on students' abilities to learn and achieve.

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posted january 22, 2008

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