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photo of singer

clara singer (100 yrs)


Producer Karen O'Connor's conversation with Clara about her life, past and present; why she decided to come to the nursing home; and her thoughts about dying.

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Despite her advanced age and residence in a nursing home, Clara Singer cherishes life's small joys and comforts and remains engaged with the world -- "making the best of it."

She was a World War II refugee who was forced to leave her home in Paris. Her husband died in 1994 at age 84. After his death, Clara was doing well and continued to live at home until a few years ago when she became more frail. Although she had the Visiting Nurse Service and several home aides, it didn't work out; she really needed someone around the clock. She started getting compression fractures, had heart surgery to put a stint in an artery, and became very depressed. It's been more than a year since she entered the nursing home.


  • Costs of Care
  • Medicaid covers the nursing home costs:
    $9000-$11,100/month or, $108,000-$133,000/yr
    (This amount doesn't include miscellaneous expenses)

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posted nov. 21, 2006

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