apocalypse!...Examining the roots and evolution of apocalyptic belief and its impact on the whole of Western history
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Interviews with historians and scholars on 2000 years of millennial beliefs and events.

Of all the books in the Bible, none has fired the Western imagination more than this one.

A report on the rise of the Antichrist as a central figure in end time scenarios.

Apocalypticism's fierce beasts, wild imagery and end time prophets and events over 2500 years.

Scholars assess apocalypticism and the American psyche, and what happens after the year 2000.
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From Waco and Littleton to Y2K and global warming, as the millennium approaches, we are bombarded by visions of the apocalypse. From the team that created "From Jesus to Christ," this two-hour FRONTLINE special journeys back more than 2500 years to unravel the origins of the Book of Revelation and how its apocalyptic expectations have shaped our history and our world.

published nov. 1999



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