LINKS: There are thousands of web sites, produced by believers, non-believers, and academics, that address the apocalypse and millennialism. The following short list offers a gateway to Apocalypse on the Internet
Light to the Nations -- Rabbi Chaim Richman
Site of Rabbi Chaim Richman, a leader of the movement to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem, includes a RealAudio lectures by the Rabbi on "the common ground among all believers in the Creator, the coming Redemption, and current events in Israel such as the red heifer and the peace process."
Left Behind
Site for the bestselling Left Behind  series of novels by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye includes excerpts from upcoming and previously published books, an essay on the Rapture by LaHaye, and a message board for believers.
Jack van Impe International Ministries
Dr. Jack Van Impe heads a very large ministry of prophecy believers. He and his wife host a weekly TV show called "Jack Van Impe Presents" which is aired internationally. The site bills itself as "the Bible Prophecy Portal of the Internet," and includes video clips from the TV show and full text of two books by van Impe: Israel's Past and Future History, and Unmasking and Triumphing over the Spirit of the Antichrist.
Countdown to Armageddon
High production value site produced by a group of Christian prophecy believers called "the Family" that includes audio, video and text explorations of signs of the coming apocalypse. The site claims, "The search for the answers to what's happening around us ends here. " Includes the Endtime News Digest, "a compilation of articles proving that we are living in the 'Time of the End.'"
Midnight Call Magazine
In their own words, "Midnight Call Magazine is the authoritative source, documenting, month-after-month, the latest developments worldwide, revealing and exposing how day-to-day events are actually predicted in your Bible." The site provides dozens of cover stories and feature articles, including "How to Prepare for the Rapture;" "Israel's 50th, the New Historians, and NPR;" and "The European Union in Prophecy."
Center for Millennial Studies
The CMS, based at Boston University, is dedicated to tracking and evaluating current contemporary and past millennial and apocalyptic movements. Their site offers an extensive range of articles, FAQs, and other sources useful to both layman and scholar.
The Millennium Watch Institute
The institute was founded by folklorist Ted Daniels, PhD, editor of A Doomsday Reader. He has compiled an extensive archive of "ephemeral prophetic material," (not online, as the archive is housed at the University of Pennsylvania, but a list is available). The site itself offers articles from back issues of its newsletter,"Millennial Prophecy Report," which covers the activities of over 1100 millennial groups active in America.
The Book of Revelation and Apocalyptic Literature
Prof. Felix Just, S.J. of Loyola Marymount University for a university class. The sources include a number of outlines of the Book of Revelation, a study of numbers used in Revelation, and a section on Apocalyptic art and imagery. The link section includes a number of useful resources: various full text versions of the Book of Revelation, both introductory and more scholarly articles, student projects and other academic web sites dedicated to various apocalyptic and millennial topics, and a number of apocalyptic sites that predict the end of the world.
Revelation Resources
Extensive list of resources for the academic study of the Book of Revelation in such forms as web sites, dissertation abstracts, related articles, etc. Well organized by topic and published by Dr. Georg Adamsen.
Destructive Doomsday Cults
The non-sectarian organization Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance has come up with profiles of several contemporary apocalyptic groups, including the Branch Davidians, Heaven's Gate, and Aum Shinri Kyo.
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