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Project Megiddo
As the millennium approaches, the FBI has assessed the potential for domestic terrorism in the U.S. Called "Project Megiddo," it analyzes groups who believe the year 2000 will usher in the end of the world and who are prepared to use violence to bring that end about.
Christian Millennial Expectation Through the Centuries
An overview of the various interpretations of the millennium--that 1,000-year period in which God' s Kingdom will be triumphant over Satan and the forces of evil.
Waco-The Fire Next Time
A look at how David Koresh's apocalyptic visions were rooted in the prophecy beliefs of William Miller, a 19th century preacher whose movement became the Seventh Day Adventist church.
End Times As Growth Industry
A comprehensive guide to the books, web sites, videos and other items related to prophecy, the Rapture and the End Times.
Forcing the End
Why do a Pentecostal cattle breeder from Mississippi and an Orthodox rabbi from Jerusalem believe that a red heifer can change the world? Writer Lawrence Wright examines the religious beliefs and historic events in the Middle East that have combined to make Jerusalem ground zero for end time prophecy believers.
Modern Messiahs
Although born in different centuries, Thomas Muentzer and David Koresh were both charismatic leaders with apocalyptic visions. Here's a review of their lives and impact.
How Evangelicals Became Israel's Best Friend
Why do evangelicals care so much about Israel? This article examines the prophetic beliefs, history and growing political involvement in the evangelical-Israel relationship.
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