the book of revelation

THE BOOK OF REVELATION: Of all the books in the Bible, none has fired the Western imagination more than this mysterious last one - John's Apocalypse
The Views of Historians and Biblical Scholars
They describe the book and what's in it (plus a few surprising things that aren't). They also discuss Revelation's structure and atmosphere of violence and suffering; the malleability and meanings of its images; the apocalyptic prophet Montanus who was the first literal interpreter of Revelation; and, Augustine's reinterpetation.
Video Excerpt
In this clip, historians and biblical scholars introduce the story of Revelation and its powerful visions, figures and language of the end time. (approximately 4 minutes)
Understanding The Book of Revelation
An essay by L. Michael White on the various ways Revelation has been interpreted, exploring how in each case, the difference lies in how the historical setting of Revelation is understood.
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