vincefoster's journal, inquiry

Podesta mtg in my office:

Watkins says he never talked to HRC before Friday evening, had received prior info about her interest from me

MMc is vague in memory when he talked to her but (DW or MMC) beleives she first mentioned it to MM shortly before the mtg w/MM, DW, & VF on Thurs afternoon.

I told John that after a late lunch on Thursday I spoke w/ HRC - was primarily workin gon medical malpracticeproject at time abd could have been in discussion re same. She was aware of soem assertions of impropriety inthe tvl officeand wanted to know what was being done aboiut it. - I related I had given to Kennedy as our security officer.
I related I had a leter discussion on Thurs (evening) also mey have included health care in which I advised her outside auditors were being used and probably told her they would start Friday morning.

Editors' Note:
This is Vince's version of his meeting with John Podesta about the in-house inquiry into Travelgate, by which time the thing had blown up in everybody's faces and finger-pointing time had come.

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