Selection of Readings

The Clock is Running Out on the Independent Counsel Law

by John Anderson,American Lawyer, April 1998.
Should the independent counsel statute be re-authorized in 1999? This article explores the arguments of critics and supporters.

Blame the Law and Not the Lawyer

by Alison Frankel, American Lawyer, March 1998.
Although some of the criticisms of Kenneth Starr's investigation are valid, says the author, many of the problems arise from the nature of the law establishing the office.

Attorney General Janet Reno's Testimony in Favor of  Reauthorizing  the Independent Counsel Act  of 1994.

Excerpts from Reno's Congressional testimony in which she vigorously advocated the re-enactment of the law in order to maintain public confidence in all branches of government.

Morrison, Independent Counsel v. Olson  et al.

Excerpts from the U.S. Supreme Court 1987 decision which re-affirmed the constitutionality of the Independent Counsel law. Plus, excerpts from Justice Antonin Scalia's passionate dissent.
The Text of the Current Independent Counsel Statute

This is the full text of the independent counsel statute as it stood after it was reauthorized by Congress in 1994.

A Bibliography of  Further Reading

"Tripping Over the Ghosts of Watergate: How to Build a Better Independent Counsel"
Neil A. Lewis, New York Times, May 18, 1998.

"Prosecutorial Indiscretion"
David Grann, The New Republic, February 2, 1998

"What is Janet Reno Thinking?"
Jeffrey Goldberg, The New York Times Magazine, July 6, 1997.

"Janet Reno, Alone"
Jane Mayer, The New Yorker, December 1, 1997.

"Who is Donald Smaltz?"
John Haman, Arkansas Times, Feb. 17, 1995.

"On Fresh Ground"
Richard Behar, Time Magazine, December 26, 1994.

On Best Behavior: The Clinton Administration and Ethics in Government
Gregory Walden, 1996. Chapter 11: "Allegations Against Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy"


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