Donald Smaltz & The Espy Case

Who is Donald Smaltz?

A biographical sketch.

In Re Espy: An Overview of the Smaltz Investigation

A summary of the essential elements in this controversial case.

Poultry Regulations Postponed: What Happened?

Did Tyson Foods influence decisions to derail tougher food-safety standards? A rundown of why this question became a central focus in Donald Smaltz's investigation and a look at what is known - and not known.

Interviews with Key Players

  • Paul Fishman, Former top deputy to Attorney General Janet Reno
  • Ron Blackley, Chief of staff to former Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy
  • Donald Smaltz, Independent counsel probing Espy's alleged acceptance of illegal gratuities.
  • Tom Green, Tyson Foods' lawyer during Smaltz's investigation
  • Phil Mansour, Lawyer representing Keith Mitchell, Sr. during Smaltz's investigation.
  • Joe Henrickson, Former private pilot for Tyson Foods.

    The Controversial Letter

    from Tyson Foods' lawyer Tom Green to Janet Reno requesting that she fire Donald Smaltz.

    Inside the War Over Independent Counsels

    Behind the high-volume rhetorical wars playing out over independent counsels, there has been an ongoing, less noticed "war of words" between the Department of Justice and several sitting independent counsels, including Donald Smaltz. In this confidential letter to Attorney General Janet Reno, Smaltz expresses his "extreme concern and indignation" with statements made by Justice Department officials.

    Prosecutorial Indiscretion

    A New Republic article which is a critical analysis of Smaltz's investigation into the Espy case. Writer David Grann maintains independent counsels like Smaltz, though out of control, must be viewed within the context of the times: the country is running amok with ethics cops and the over-use of laws to police public officials.

    OIC Web Site

    Check out the web site put up by Donald Smaltz's office for more documents and information about the Espy investigation.


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