busted: america's war on marijuana
Case Histories: Jodie Israel and Will Foster
Jodie Israel

She is serving a mandatory minimum sentence of eleven years, three months for conspiracy involving marijuana. Her husband was convicted of growing marijuana; he is a Rastafarian and claimed he used marijuana for religious reasons. Because Jodie Israel presumably knew what he was doing, she was convicted of conspiracy.

FRONTLINE's interview with Israel

Will Foster

Foster is a celebrated case for activists against marijuana laws and his story has been widely reported on the Internet. In Oklahoma, he was sentenced to 93 years for marijuana cultivation and possession in the presence of a child.

When Foster was arrested at his Tulsa home in 1995, police said an informant told them Foster had methamphetamines. They didn't find methamphetamines, but they did discover Foster's marijuana grow room in the basement. Foster says all the plants were for his personal use to help with arthritis. But the police found over a kilo of marijuana, gram scales, baggies and other items that indicated, to them, distribution.

Foster is appealing on grounds that the search warrant was invalid and, since he was charged under state rather than federal law, he does have a chance of parole. The state offered Foster a plea bargain. He refused.

FRONTLINE's interview with Foster

Foster gives further details on his case, the research he's done on marijuana use and laws, and his views on current drug policy.

Will Foster's letter from prison


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