busted: america's war on marijuana
Judge Thelton Henderson

of the Federal District Court in San Francisco, is opposed to mandatory minimum drug sentences because he believes they are unduly harsh.

Mark Kleiman

is professor at the School of Public Policy and Social Research University of California, L.A. He recently joined a group of scientists, drug experts and public officials in proposing a new middle of the road approach to America's drug policy.

Dr. David Musto

of Yale University is the foremost historian of U.S. drug policy. He has spent years studying its history and, in particular, attitudes toward marijuana. He is the author of "The American Disease: Origins of Narcotic Control."

Lee Ann and Brett Richardson

are members of the Warsaw Indiana Police Department. They work for the D.A.R.E. program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) teaching drug education in the Warsaw schools.

Eric Schlosser

is a journalist who has written several articles on the history and impact of marijuana law enforcement.

Ralph Weisheit

is Professor of Criminal Justice at Illinois State University and has done extensive research on the domestic marijuana industry.

Steve White

is a former DEA agent who ran Indiana's war on marijuana. He now teaches undercover police techniques.


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