busted: america's war on marijuana
Attempts at a Rational Discussion
Principles for Practical Drug Policies

A group of experts with varying political perspectives (law enforcement, treatment practitioners, elected officials, policy analysts, laboratory and clinical researchers) recently proposed 'a third way' to end the drug problem and avoid the current polarization. They hope to spark a rethinking of the country's approach to drug policy.

They are proposing not legalization and not a 'war on drugs.' Rather, policies based on science and evaluated by their results rather than their symbolic value. Here is an outline of their fourteen principles for practical drug policies. The group was organized by the Drug Policy Project of the Federation of American Scientists.

One Judge's Attempt at a Rational Discussion of the So-Called 'War on Drugs'  by Judge Juan Torruella, Chief Judge, First Circuit Court of Appeals

This is a thoughtful and cogent exploration of where the country is on the drug debate and what might be the next steps in a course of action. Offered here is a major excerpt as well as highlights from Judge Torruella's speech.


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