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Statistics and Charts


Who are America's Drug Users?

A rundown on the numbers of illegal drugs users, how many are recreational and hard core, and how much they spend.

Drug Use Trends Since 1979
What Users Spend on Drugs
Drug Use in 1999
Occaisonal and Hardcore Cocaine Use
Tons of Drugs Consumed in 1998 Drug Consumption
Percentage of Federal Inmates Imprisoned for Drug Offenses
Federal Anti-Drug Budget, 1970-2000
Percentage of Federal Anti-Drug Budget for Prevention and Treatment

[Ed. note: In January, 2001, the Rand Corporation published a study, Improving Antidrug Budgeting, which was conducted at the request of ONDCP Director Barry McCaffrey. The study analyzed 10 federal agencies that reported their drug budgets to the ONDCP and concluded that three of them used reporting methodologies that produced inflated antidrug budgets. Data on prevention and treatment activities were especially problematic; the study found that in 1998, the budget for these activities was 20% lower than what was reported to the American public. The data shown in these charts reflects the officially published data from the ONDCP.]

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