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NATIONAL WAR ON DRUGS  SYMPOSIUM: Senior drug war officials and insiders speak candidly about the successes and failures of America's efforts to fight drugs and discuss 'where do we go from here?' Co-sponsored by Georgetown University Law Center, PBS/FRONTLINE and National Public Radio (NPR) October 4, 2000, Georgetown University Law Center Washington, D.C.

Opening Remarks by Professor Sam Dash

Video (Realplayer G2, 5:11) | Transcript
Panel l: Treatment and Education vs. Prohibition and Punishment

Video (Realplayer G2, 30:42) | Transcript

Moderator: Lowell Bergman;

Panelists: Eric Sterling, president, Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
Howard Safir, former Police Commissioner, New York City
Dr. Robert Newman, president and CEO, Continuum Health Partners
Robert Stutman, former special-agent-in-charge, DEA, New York City

Panel 2: Social Justice and the War on Drugs

Video (Realplayer G2, 34:53) | Transcript

Moderator: David Cole;

Panelists: Hon. Zackary Carter, former US Attorney, Eastern District of New York
Hon. Robert Sweet, judge, US District Court for the Southern District of New York
Hon. Kurt Schmoke, former mayor of Baltimore

Luncheon Address by Barry R. McCaffrey

Video (Realplayer G2, 14:55) | Transcript

McCaffrey is the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

Panel 3: The International War on Drugs

Listen to NPR's "Talk of the Nation" program with Juan Williams which recorded this panel session.
Audio (Realplayer G2 Audio Only, 47:25) | Transcript

Moderator: Juan Williams, NPR Host

Panelists: Matthew Maher, former director of International Operations, DEA
Mathea Falco, president, Drug Strategies, former Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics Matters
Raymond Kelly, commissioner, US Customs

Panel 4: The Multi-Billion Dollar Illegal Drug Business

Listen to NPR's "Talk of the Nation" program with Juan Williams which recorded this panel session.
Audio (Realplayer G2 Audio Only, 47:30) | Transcript

Moderator: Juan Williams, NPR Host

Panelists: Carlos Toro, US protected witness and former drug trafficker, Medellin cartel, Colombia
Greg Passic, former special agent, DEA
Steve Casteel, Assistant Administrator for Intelligence Operations, DEA

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