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1. What was the name of one of Coca-Cola's biggest competitors at the turn of the 20th century?
 A. Yummy Cola
 B. Dope Cola
 C. Spirited Cola
 D. High Cola

2. What country did LSD originate from?
 A. Canada
 B. United States
 C. Switzerland
 D. Colombia

3. What is one of the key ingredients for turning cocaine into crack?
 A. Baking Soda
 B. Heroin
 C. Alcohol
 D. Glue

4. The French Connection in the 1960s involved smuggling what drug?
 A. Marijuana
 B. Heroin
 C. Peyote
 D. Ecstasy

5. What pharmaceutical firm introduced heroin in tablet forms to the United States?
 A. Eli Lily
 B. Bayer
 C. Pfizer
 D. Procter and Gamble

6. Which U.S. president submitted to a drug test?
 A. Bill Clinton
 B. Ronald Reagan
 C. Jimmy Carter
 D. Gerald Ford

7. Which rock star wanted to be a federal agent-at large in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs?
 A. Elvis Presley
 B. Bruce Springsteen
 C. Jimi Hendrix
 D. Mick Jagger

8. Which city passed the first anti-drug law in the U.S.?
 A. New York
 B. Philadelphia
 C. New Orleans
 D. San Francisco

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