saving elian
a protest in havanadiscussion: What are your reactions to this program? Surveys show most Americans want a new approach to Cuba?  What are your views?


I've been unable to get through by phone, but I have two comments to make:

1. While most Cuban-Americans support the embargo, over one biilion dollars a year is sent to Cuba from the United States, suggesting that Cuban-Americans believe in suuporting their families, but not other Cubans who may not have relatives in the United States.

2. At the same time, I believe that it was disingenous to suggest that Elian's father had an easy choice - to stay in the United States. He still had family in Cuba, who may have suffered consequences had he chosen to remain in the United States.

miami, fl


I just finished watching your story on Elian Gonzalez. I must say that unlike your average program, which i have found to be balanced, this one had its liberal bias a little too in evidence. I mean, why not call it "the looney cuban fringe in miami"?

I have no personal interest in the matter. I am not cuban and personally thought that they boy belonged back with his father. However, the overall implications (not very subtle) was to undermine the authority of the cuban-american population of miami.

For the future, i would please ask that frontline spare us the diatribes and bias and stick with the clear cut and even-handed reporting that has made frontline the premier news/documentary program on television.

Ted Brunner

Ted Brunner
chicago, il


The portrayal of a violent, monolithic community that does not tolerate differences of opinion is in my opinion not true. If Miami is so intolerant than how can you explain the successes of Castro apologists and advid supporters like Max Castro and the king of Communist propaganda Francisco Aruca who routinely travels to the Island to meet with Cuban officials and then defends the human rights violations on the island. FRONTLINE missed an opportunity to discover why Cuban-Americans feel the way they do about communism. It would have been enlightning to hear about the thousands that have been imprisoned on the island, murdered by firing squads, or sent off to wars in Angola.

The Castro regime continues today to ignore the basic concepts of Human Rights (i.e. 2 Checzs, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet, and hundreds more....)

FRONTLINE failed to highlight the recent facts that Cuban intelligence officers living in Miami, were under orders to instigate violence and division amongst Cuban exiles. (The Miami Herald this past month).

As for Miami, I have nothing but love and faith in my community. This is the community that rebuilt So. Fl. after Hurricane Andrew, irregardless of what your color, religion, or political affiliation. This too shall lead to a stronger, new Miami.

Rick De La Torre
miami, fl

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