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photo of anonymous This young hacker was caught breaking into NASA's computers and sentenced to six months in jail. The government says that at one time, he took possession of $1.7 million in software. In his interview he talks about the weaknesses he found in the government's computers and how he had warned them. Because of his age, FRONTLINE is protecting his identity.

Reid and Count Zeroarrow
photo of Reid and Count Zero Reid and Count Zero are members of the Cult of the Dead Cow, a hacker organization which developed "Back Orifice," a computer program which allows the user to remotely view and control computers running Windows 95 or later. They say they developed the program to demonstrate the weak security in Microsoft products.

Raphael Gray, aka Curadorarrow
photo of Raphael Gray, aka Curador Curador is a 18-year old hacker from rural Wales who in the winter of 2000 stole an estimated 26,000 credit cards numbers from a group of e-commerce web sites and posted the numbers on the web. After ex-hacker Chris Davis tracked him down, he was arrested in late March 2000, and charged under the United Kingdom's computer crime statute.

Computer Security Experts in the Private Sector:

james adamsarrow
photo of james adams He is Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of iDefense, a private agency specializing in information intelligence. He has published 12 books on intelligence and covert warfare and serves on the National Security Agency Advisory Board and the Dept. of Defense's Joint Service Advisory Group. His latest book is The Next World War-Computers Are the Weapons and the Front Line Is Everywhere,

Kirk Baileyarrow
photo of Kirk Bailey He is Manager of Information Security, Frank Russell Company and in 1995 he founded 'the Agora,' a regional association of information systems security professionals. He served as an Advisory Panelist to the U.S. Security Policy Board on private sector perspectives concerning critical infrastructure issues.

Chris Davisarrow
photo of Chris Davis He is a security consultant and ex-hacker from Ottawa, Canada who tracked down Curador, a 18-year old hacker from South Wales. In 2000 Curador stole an estimated 26,000 credit card numbers from e-commerce web sites and posted them online.

Mari Frankarrow
photo of Mari Frank In 1996 someone got into her computer and personal files. A woman then assumed Frank's identity and rang up over $50,000 in credit card debt. Frank wrote a book about being a victim of 'identity theft,' From Victim to Victor, and has a web site on how to protect yourself from this crime.. http://www.identitytheft.org/

Steven B. Lipnerarrow
photo of Steven B. Lipner He is a senior security analyst for the Microsoft Corporation.

Richard Powerarrow
photo of Richard Power He is an internationally recognized authority on computer crime, information security, industrial espionage and related subjects and is the Editorial Director of the Computer Security Institute (CSI), San Francisco, CA. He is the author of Tangled Web: Tales of Digital Crime from the Shadows of Cyberspace.

Howard Schmidtarrow
photo of Howard Schmidt He is Chief of Information Security, Microsoft Corporation. Prior to his position at Microsoft, he was a Supervisory Special Agent, Director of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Computer Forensic Lab and Computer Crime and Information Warfare.

Robert Steelearrow
photo of Robert Steele He is founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Open Source Solutions, Inc. (OSS) . He has worked twenty years in national and defense intelligence--including clandestine, covert action and technical collection, and managing an offensive counterintelligence program.. He participated in the Hackers on Planet Earth H2K convention, sponsored by the hacker group 2600.

Robert Giovagnoniarrow
He is Executive Vice-President for Strategic Relations for iDefense, a private agency specializing in information intelligence. He is also the former General Counsel for the President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) and General Counsel and Assistant Director of the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office. (CIAO)

Bruce Schneierarrow
He is an expert in cryptography, computer security and privacy issues and is the author of six books, including Applied Cryptography and Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World. Schneier is the Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.

Gov't Computer Crime and Security Experts:

James Christyarrow
photo of James Christy As Law Enforcement and Counterintelligence Coordinator for the Defense-wide Information Assurance Program, Christy investigates computer crime for the U.S. Department of Defense. Prior to this, he was the director of Computer Crime Investigations for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

Keith Rhodesarrow
photo of Keith Rhodes As Chief Technologist for the Government Accounting Office, he tests the security of the government's computer systems.

Martha Stansell-Gammarrow
photo of Martha Stansell-Gamm As Chief of the Justice Department's Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section. She is in charge of investigations and prosecutions, law enforcement training, legislation, international work, and advising the federal sector on information-technology issues. She has worked on more hacker cases than any other federal prosecutor.

Michael Vatisarrow
photo of Michael Vatis Until February 2001, he was Deputy Asst't Director within the FBI National Security Division and served as Chief of the National Infrastructure Protection Center. Prior to the FBI, he was Associate Deputy Attorney General, Executive Office for National Security (1994-1998), advising the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General on national security matters.

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