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Jane's Intelligence Review offers this assessment (with charts) of the IRA's weapons inventory, including the number of tons of Semtex in its possession and the kinds of homemade explosives and mortar weapons it has developed. This report also outlines the history of the IRA's weapon procurement operations and the locations of its arms dumps.

In this companion article, Jane's Intelligence Review draws on internal intelligence by Garda Special Branch (the Irish Republic's police counter-subversive branch) to assess the manpower of the IRA, its organizational structure, the location of its leaders, and its doctrine and strategy.


sean macstiofain
Former IRA Chief of Staff. He was a key player in early days of IRA and at the center of the 1969 coup which resulted in the formation of the Provisionals.

john kelly
Former IRA HQ Staff. Part of the nucleus of the Provisional leadership in 1969, he was in the streets defending Catholic areas like the Lower Falls and went to the U.S. seeking money and arms.

seamus kerr
Former Sinn Fein Council Leader and considered one of Sinn Fein's best and brightest new voices. His election in 1983 to the Omagh District Council was considered a milestone - the first time in 50 years Sinn Fein had contested council elections in the North.

jim gibney
Executive Committee, Sinn Fein. Gibney has played a key role in legitimizing Sein Fein, developing the ballot box campaign and using the media to broaden the political base. He also was one of "Cage 11's" most original and best thinkers.

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