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An investigation of Israeli religious, right-wing extremists who are preparing for battle to stop Ariel Sharon's plan to dismantle settlements in Gaza and the West Bank.  They are dedicated to a country without Arabs and democracy. They see themselves at war with secular Israeli society.  They believe they are acting out God's will.
israel's next war?introduction

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New settler outposts in the West Bank, 1996 to January 2005.

an interview with dan setton

Why he decided to make this film, the reaction to it in Israel, and background on the people and stories he investigated.

Among the Extremists

Readings on radical religious Zionists and their beliefs, goals and ideological supporters.


As Ariel Sharon's Gaza disengagement plan draws near, an overview of U.S. and Israeli policy on settlements.

Readings & Links

Sharon's endgame, Israeli settlers' perspectives, and previous FRONTLINE reports.

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posted april 5, 2005

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