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a map of west bank jewish settlements and outposts

Showing new settler outposts built between 1996 and Jan. 2005. The Israeli government-sponsored investigation, "Opinion Concerning Unauthorized Outposts." (March 2005) states: "The expansion of the unauthorized outposts phenomenon began in the mid-nineties, after the building in Judea and Samaria and Gaza was frozen by the Rabin government in 1993." This map includes settler outposts featured in FRONTLINE's report -- "Hilltop 26" (#107) and "Bat Ayin" #(27 and #31).



Note: The source of this data is Peace Now. Numbers on illegal outposts in the West Bank and Gaza vary somewhat in the tracking done by Peace Now, the government of Israel, and most recently,the 2005 government-sponsored investigation, "Opinion Concerning Unauthorized Outposts."

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posted april 5, 2005

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