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Israel - The Price of Victory (Transcript)
Exactly 20 years after Israel defeated Arab forces in the June 1967 Six-Day War, FRONTLINE broadcast this report examining how, despite Israel's smashing victory in that war, many Israelis felt that something had gone wrong in the time since then. This 1987 program explores a nation struggling with its image and role as a democracy and hotly debating its secular non-religious state - the cause, say many, of the country's crisis. As the film relates, the conquest of the holy places in the Six-Day War sparked a religious awakening throughout Israel, and the number of religious fundamentalists and their influence grew tremendously. This brought deep divisions and new tensions between the non-religious and the very religious.


Shattered Dreams of Peace: The Road From Oslo
Producer Dan Setton's widely-acclaimed 2002 FRONTLINE program which vividly chronicles how the peace process begun in Oslo in 1993 came undone over the years that followed. The program draws on interviews with top Palestinian and Israeli leaders and the negotiators involved to chart the dynamics of politics and violence that over eight years destroyed the hopes of Oslo.


Battle for the Holy Land
From this FRONTLINE 2002 report on Palestinian suicide bombers and the Israeli intelligence operatives trying to stop them, here is a timeline of the cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, from the start of the second Palestinian intifada in September 2000 to April 2002.


Yesha Speaks Out
This is a community blog as well as grassroots advocacy initiative of Jewish settlers of communities in Yesha (Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Jordan Valley). It offers a valuable personal perspective on the settlers' experiences and views. As the site states, "Tired of hostile media and ineffective government "hasbara" (public relations)," [the Yesha communities] "have decided to directly share their experiences, their first-hand accounts and their thoughts and feelings on current events with interested individuals from around the world." The site includes letters, poetry, pictures and additional background.


Summary of the Opinion Concerning Unauthorized Outposts
This harsh government-commissioned report, released in January 2005, accuses Ariel Sharon's government, as well as previous Israeli governments, of illegally promoting settlement activity. This summary outlines how the Housing and Construction Ministry, the Education Ministry and the Defense Ministry worked to "systematically establish illegal settlement points" and over years illegally funneled millions of government dollars to build the infrastructure for scores of unauthorized settlements, including the recent period when Sharon promised to freeze settlement activity and dismantle illegal outposts built after March 2001. This investigation was conducted by former Israeli chief state prosecutor Talya Sason.


Sharon's Wars
In the course of offering an assessment of the ultimate meaning for Israel of Ariel Sharon's plan to withdraw from Gaza and build the security fence,New York Times reporter James Bennet examines, in this August 2004 magazine cover story, the life and guiding instincts and beliefs of Sharon and how "today's Israel -- with its won't-be-fooled-again attitude about any warm peace with Arabs -- is Sharon's Israel."


Among the Settlers
In this May 2004 article, New Yorker writer Jeffrey Goldberg takes a look at the history of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, talks to present-day activists and settlers and assesses whether the "Jewish Underground" is a legitimate threat to the peace process. "Hard-core settlers and their supporters make up perhaps two percent of the Israeli populace, but they nevertheless have driven Israeli policy in the occupied territories for much of the past thirty years," he writes. "...For now, the settlers are outnumbered, by secular Israelis as well as by religious Jews—and there are many—who venerate life more than land. But the majority has not yet found a way to bend the minority to its will."


Sharon's Endgame for the West Bank Barrier
(PDF file) In this evaluation of Ariel Sharon's plan to build a barrier fence along the West Bank, published in Washington Quarterly, 2004, George Garvilis of MIT's Center for Strategic and International Studies writes, "the barrier isolates outlying and ideologically extreme Jewish settlements in the West Bank. It excludes them from the fence's protection and symbolically places them outside of Israel's future boundaries. Although these settlements will temporarily receive IDF protection, the barrier enables their dismantlement."


Disengagement Plan
From Prime Minister Sharon's office, an index of letters and documents relevant to Sharon's plan to disengage from Gaza.

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