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The Jewish extremists are a threat to the peace process. They seem to revel in the fact that they are the same as their enemy, the fundamentalist islamic terrorists. An eye for an they are all blind. Perhaps if they would think for just a moment they would realize that the God they worship is the same God that Islam and Christianity worships.

Kyle Hanson


This is a brilliant documentary and shows that Muslims are not the only ones with an extremely dangerous terrorist organization (I include Christians in this accusation as well.). I hope that you intend to rebroadcast it many times.

May god save us from all religious fundamentalism.

Jim Reed
New York, NY


The Israeli government doesnt have a problem supporting Jewish religious extremists and following nazi-like policies against the Palestinian population. This has moraly discredited the State of Israel around the world. It is a mistake to think that people from all nations are blind to the injustices committed there.

I live in Mexico and it is indignant too see how the majority of the U.S. media is one sided. I congratulate Frontline for showing part of the other side of the coin.

Arturo Antuano
Mexico City, Mexico


In response to David Neil and all other commentors who think Frontline is "anti-semitic": countless INNOCENT Palestians are murdered and injured every day, week, month, year, and have been since the last 60 years. I am Arab, I DO NOT hate Jews.I live among them. I work with them, go to school with them, and live on the same block with them. I have friebds who are Jews. I do, however, dislike Zionists. So would you classify me as anti-semitic? Then, i would be hating myself. For Semitic refers to not only jews but other people(mostly Arabs)who live in the Middle East, and North Africa!

Yes, there are a number of terrorists who come from the middle east. I accept that!Every religion, culture, and nation has its share of terrorists. Do not deny that there are terrorists who are Jews and that live in Israel(a.k.a. Palestine. Let us open our eyes, and stop being ignorant!

muhammad al-arafat
Los Angeles , California


Yes, the extremist settlers are scary, but even scarier is that the show makes Ariel Sharon come across as a moderate peacemaker.

As much ado is made of removing settlers from Gaza and a few enclaves in the West Bank, construction in the large illegal settlements in the West Bank continues, as does the internationally condemned apartheid wall.

The extremist settlers are a marginal, if dangerous, part of the overall picture. The real problem continues to be the occupation, which is carried out by mainstream Israeli forces, under the leadership of Ariel Sharon. The occupation must end for there to be peace in Palestine/Israel.

Richard Ward


I was shocked to hear what this program had to say. Having grown up in North America all the media I have been exposed to revealed that terrorism and horrendous acts have always been committed by Arabs and Moslems.

To learn about the Kahanist, their believes, actions and opinions was completely shocking and new to me. I have to say thank you for trying to show the other side for once.

Killing is condemned no matter who does it, there is no excuse for it. Regarding the comments about how the show does not discuss islamic terrorists, well for each show there is a theme and a focus and this was on this particular group. Very well done.

Sarah Aron
Halifax, Canada


these indivudals that got sentenced only got 12 years, and 17 years, for such a serious attempted mass murder terriost act? If that is jewish justice, I see why some of those jewish zeolots complain about Palestinians getting justice in israel (life imprisonment). One other note, Reading these other posting I see extermist israels(american jews), sympathizing and defending the actions of there country men or fellow reglious compatriots and accusing frontline of being anti-semitic. These are evil people, we live in a free society and thus have the right to free speech, but these acts or attempted acts of mass murder must be stoped at all costs, whoever it is, a christian, jew, muslim, hindu, buddist etc..

Also, Please stop using the anti-semitic card, when they say something critical about israel or jews. These guys are no different than Osama bin Laden and should be put in prison for the rest of their natural lives.

Won Chu
Los Angeles, california


This is a response to the viewer who commented on Dan Setton's comment that 30 percent of Israelis would like the state to be purely Jewish. There are practical reasons, resons other than extremism, why this would be so. Perhaps they realize that the only way to stop terrorism against the Jewish population is to have a state free of terrorists. This does not mean that all Arabs are terrorists, but rather that a majority of them living in Israel would like to see Israel wiped off the map.

Yes, the best scenario is peace, but unfortunately we have seen that that can not be achieved. A majority of Arabs would rather see the state of Israel cease to exist than to live in peace. On the other hand, a majority of Jews would be willing to even give up land for peace, something that no country has ever done before. The far right Jews who want to kill Arabs do not come close to representing a majority.

The terrorism against Jews in Israel did not start when the settlers built houses in the West Bank and Gaza, and neither did it start when the State of Israel was declared. It had existed against Jews living in Palestine before they ever did anything to "provoke" the Arabs. There was a massacre in Hevron in 1929 against innocent Jews. This shows that rather than wanting peace and a just solution to the problem, the Arabs are not willing to rest until Israel is free of Jews.

Aryeh Newerstein


While we can never condone the slaughter of innocents (I'm sure these extremists are a tiny minority), many of us Evangelical Christians believe that Israel belongs to Jehovah God, and that He gave it to the Jews. It hurts us in our hearts whenever news programs show the Israeli government driving these settlers off their land; I have often thought of it as the baby in the story of Solomon being cut in half. Only those who love Israel and love God would truly feel the pain.

Sharon LaBolle
Atlanta, GA


This was one of the most ridiculous pieces of trash I have ever watched on TV. Yes, perhaps, those "settlers" act and sound zealolus, but so what? Do those people go around actually blowing up and killing innocent Arabs as the Arabs routinely murder the Israelis? Of course, not. These people are being demonized for the crimes they have never committed, everything is just incinuation s.a. "they want revenge (but for what?.... ), they might attempt this or that... they might .. blah... blah... blah...).

Even the word "settler" has almost become synonymous with a "subhuman". Watching this kind of material, one would never know that there exist Islamic terrorists that actually do hijack airplanes, self-detonate in public places, lynch people and rip them into pieces (like they did to two reservists who were lost in Ramallah), cut the throats of their prisoners, slaughter pregnant mothers and their children in their own beds and in their own cars and shoot at babies from hilltops. There is a new "evil" in town - the "settlers" who "might" commit some mythical crimes in revenge for the acts of actual terrorists. Disgusting!!!

P.S. America was created and built by the "settlers".

John Welsh
Philadelphia, PA


Hate by any other name is still Hate. It saddens me to no end that people speak of god and of killing others in the same breath; shame on them. What kind of god are they praying to? It must be the first order of humanity to overcome hatred in all its forms. The God we should pray to is the one who wants peace and justice for all beings: Arab, Jew, white, black, red, human....all. Humanity must rise above this ignorance if we are to survive.

That these people are driven by the same race motivated hate ideology espoused by Nazi Germany is truly ironic. God help us all.

hesham fouad


Frontline programs continue to become more muddled and incoherant as the years pass. This program was intended to be a hit piece on the Isreali's particularly on the Jewish settlers. Unsophisticated viewers will be worried about the Jewish extremists. Anyone who has more than a passing understanding of this conflict will once again marvel at the restraint of the Isreali people. How can the Isreali government be so diligent in fighting Jewish extremism while their own people are slaughtered by extremists supported by Arab governments?

To those of you who were upset by this, ask yourself something? Do you honestly believe if the Palestinian leadership had been as diligent investigating, incarcerating, interrogating and prosecuting their extremists over the past decade the peace process would not have worked? Western apologists for the dysfunctional and corrupt Palestinian leadership for the past 50 years are a larger part of the problem than these settlers.

Perhaps Frontline will now do a compare and contrast between the Palestinian leaderships support of terrorism in contrast to the Isreali's pursuit of terrorists? A quality news program would. Unfortunately it has been quite a while since Frontline was quality.

Anthony Pate
Boston, MA


Reading thru these letters, I found that not a few mentioned the Jewish hatred for the Arabs in a negative sense. When are enemies supposed to love each other? Did love or hate rally the Allies to defeat the Germans and Japanese during WWll? Don't you realize that the 1948 War where Arab countries attacked Israel has never ended since only a cease fire was declared and just 2 of the Arab states (Egypt and Jordan) have signed a (cold)peace treaty with Israel?

So, how do you make a friend of your enemy who is trying to kill you and turn your hate of him into friendship? How about: firebomb his cities, (remember Dresden and Tokyo), drain him economically, (Moscow), maybe hope a new generation will come along that will have better sense(Vietnam), or maybe, when none of the above will work, have a population transfer as India and Pakistan did.

david conley
melbourne, florida


So many posters have made such insightful comments that there is little new that I can add. I wish to emphasize that as a Jewish person I am mortified that people can utter such hate and perform such horrible acts in the name of my religion and my culture.

In addition, it should be emphasized that these hideous sentiments and acts cannot be justified simply as a reaction to external threats by the muslim community. As at least one poster pointed out, these fanatics have just as much hatred and contempt for more moderate (and I believe rational Jews), even to having contempt for the entire notion of democracy. I have no doubt that if they ever took over Israel, all forms of free expression would be suppressed and there would be violent pogroms against dissenters.

Finally, how ironic it is that Israel uses targeted assassinations against Palestinians who advocate or plan for terror without any semblance of due proces, but the home grown terrorist vermin (and ALL terrorists are vermin, on whatever religion or nationality), are given their full panoply of due process rights and released and thereby permitted to spew their venom and plan further terrorist acts. I can only hope that the Israeli security agencies are closely scrutinized and given zero breathing space to plan further acts of violence.

William Jacobs
Cincinnati, OH


While I do no not condone violence and the killing of innocent people, Biblical prophecy predicts the end will come through violence against Israel. These settlers are only protecting their homeland. After all, America's first settlers were up against the same type of tyranny, and gave their lives for our freedom against the same type of tyranny that is present today in Israel. FRONTLINE did a great job on the documentary!!

Toni R.
Webster, NY


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posted april 5, 2005

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