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map: what's happening in my state?

Elected on Partisan Ballot:
*Alabama* 6-year term
*Arkansas* 8-year term
Illinois 10-year term
Louisiana 10-year term
North Carolina 8-year term
Pennsylvania 10-year term
*Texas* 6-year term
*West Virginia* 12-year term
New York 14-year term
Elected on Non-partisan Ballot:
Mississippi 8-year term
Georgia 6-year term
Idaho 6-year term
Kentucky 8-year term
*Michigan* 8-year term
Minnesota 6-year term
Montana 8-year term
Nevada 6-year term
North Dakota 10-year term
*Ohio* 6-year term
Oregon 6-year term
Washington 6-year term
Wisconsin 10-year term
Gubernatorial or Legislative Appointment without Nominating Commission:
California 12-year term
Virginia 12-year term
Maine 7-year term
New Jersey 7-year term
New Hampshire - to age 70
These states are chosen by Merit Selection through a Nominating Commission. Typically, Justices are appointed by the Governor from a list provided by a non-partisan panel, then run unopposed for susequent terms in "retention" elections.

Connecticut 8-year term
Rhode Island - Life
South Carolina 10-year term
Hawaii 10-year term
Missouri 1-year term
Colorodo 2-year term
Indiana 2-year term
Alaska 3-year term
Nebraska 3-year term
South Dakota 3-year term
Delaware 12-year term
Iowa 1-year term
Kansas 1-year term
Maryland 1-year term
Florida 1-year term
Massachussetts -to age 70
Vermont 6-year term
Arizona 2-year term
Oklahoma 1-year term
Wyoming 1-year term
Utah 3-year term
New Mexico -until next general election
Tennesse- until next biennial general election
* Contested elections in 1998

The lower courts in each state, District/Superior/Municipal/Circuit/ or Court of Appeals, are generally selected in the same manner as the State Supreme Courts. Terms vary from court to court and state to state. An example of a lower court in California is the Municipal Court and in Pennsylvania it is the Court of Common Pleas.

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