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From Both Sides of the Bench: Judges and lawyers talk about some major issues confronting the U.S. juvenile justice system.

arrow Adult Time for Adult Crimes?

In recent years the American public has supported a "get tough" approach to crime. During the 1990s nearly every state passed more punitive juvenile justice laws making it easier to try juveniles in adult courts. But how many kids belong in adult court?

arrow What It Takes  to Rehabilitate Troubled, Violent  Teens

An overview of what juvenile justice professionals have seen works--and what further improvements are needed.

arrow Is The System Racially Biased?

Recent surveys have shown great racial disparities: black and Hispanic adolescents are found to be arrested more frequently and serve longer sentences in more restrictive facilities than their white counterparts.

arrow The Reasons for Treating Juveniles Differently

Judges and a defense lawyer defend the idea of having a separate system for young offenders, arguing that no child--with rare exceptions--should be considered a lost cause.

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