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Oakland Tribune - Susan Young

"Reporter Michel Martin of ABC's 'Nightline' was given unprecedented access to four juvenile cases from Santa Clara County to examine if young people charged with serious crimes should be tried as adults.

The episode is mesmerizing as we see these young men go through a very flawed system that seems to give preferential treatment to white middle-class offenders while coming down much harder on poor people of color.

...Each stands at a crossroads where he can either be sent for rehabilitation in the juvenile system or punishment in the adult system.

It's a journey we take together in this moving show. And a journey we will all take together as we as a society learn to deal with those who disobey the law."

Wall Street Journal - Barbara D. Phillips

"Juvenile justice usually takes place behind doors closed to public scrutiny. But this FRONTLINE documentary takes us inside the system in Santa Clara County, where we follow the fates of four teens... Their stories stir a range of emotions -- sorrow, pity, fear and disgust -- and provide no easy answers."

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