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arrow What Do the Studies Show?

There's not been a lot of extensive research into the impact of laws making it easier to try kids as adults. But the studies that do exist indicate that the get tough approach has had little or no effect on the rate of juvenile crime. Moreover, these studies show that trying juveniles in adult criminal court may actually result in higher rates of reoffending.

arrow Child or Adult? --  A Century Long  View

More and more teens now are doing time alongside adults in prison. This represents society's recent shift toward taking a harsher view of adolescents' culpability. Here's a synopsis of America's attitude and approaches over the past 100 years in dealing with juveniles who commit serious crimes.

arrow Basic Statistics

On juvenile violent crime, racial disparities, and the number of adolescents tried and sentenced as adults.

arrow Juvenile vs Adult Justice

This chart outlines the different philosophies and procedures in the juvenile justice system compared to the adult criminal justice system.

arrow Basic Statistics

Almost every state has legislative provisions for trying some juvenile offenders in adult court. Here's a rundown.

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