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left: The Khadr family; right: Ahmed Said Khadr
inside the khadr family

A look at the activities of the extended Khadr family, details of their life with Osama bin Laden, and the uproar in Canada after the mother and brother - both Al Qaeda sympathizers - returned there in April 2004 to seek medical help for the son.

The Khadr Family Tree


An interactive look at the Khadr family members.



A timeline of the Khadr family's travels and alleged activities, with an update on Maha and Abdul Karim Khadr's return to Canada.

Life with Osama bin Laden


Here, Abdurahman, Abdullah, Maha and Zaynab Khadr describe their life in Afghanistan with Osama bin Laden and his family, and offer anecdotes of Osama's love of poetry, volleyball and horseback riding, and his hatred of American products.

The Public Uproar in Canada


On April 9, 2004, Maha Elsamnah Khadr and her 14-year-old son Abdul Karim, returned to Canada to seek medical help for Karim, who was paralyzed in the battle with the Pakistani military that killed his father last fall. The Khadrs' return to Canada has stirred a fury of debate and anger among Canada's politicians, the public and the press. Was the government right to allow the mother and son -- who had admitted supporting Al Qaeda -- back into Canada where they are eligible for health-care coverage and social assistance benefits? Here is a sampling of Canadian editorials and opinion pieces.

CBC News Indepth: Khadr


A collection of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's reporting on the Khadr family.


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posted april 22, 2004

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