son of al qaeda
photos of captives and soldiers
Inside Guantanamo Bay


Abdurahman Khadr's story provides a rare glimpse inside the U.S. Naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or "Gitmo," where more than 600 enemy combatants in the war on terror are being detained and interrogated. Here are several detailed accounts from journalists and others who have been inside Guantanamo.

The Challenge of Human Intelligence


Among the fiercest criticisms of U.S. intelligence after the Sept. 11 attacks was that the intelligence community had not developed adequate human intelligence sources to provide information on Al Qaeda. Here are readings that explain why human intelligence -- like the kind provided to the CIA by Abdurahman Khadr -- is so difficult to obtain but so critical to the fight against Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The Public Uproar in Canada


On April 9, 2004, Maha Elsamnah Khadr and her 14-year-old son Abdul Karim returned to Canada to seek medical help for Karim, who was paralyzed in the battle with the Pakistani military that killed his father last fall. The Khadrs' return to Canada stirred debate and anger among Canada's politicians, citizens and the press. Was the government right to allow the mother and son -- who had admitted supporting Al Qaeda -- back into Canada where they are eligible for health-care coverage and social assistance benefits? Here is a sampling of Canadian editorials and opinion pieces.


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posted april 22, 2004

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