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Abdurahman Khadr


photo of khadr

In this interview, Abdurahman Khadr recounts his journey from growing up alongside Osama bin Laden and his family in Afghanistan and attending the terrorist training camps there; to his capture by the Northern Alliance in Kabul after 9/11; to his work for the CIA as an undercover spy in Guantanamo and Bosnia; to his decision to leave the CIA, return to Canada and go public with his story.

Maha Elsamneh and Zaynab Khadr


photo of maha and zaynab

A Canadian of Palestinian descent, Maha Elsamnah is the wife of Ahmed Said Khadr and the mother of Abdurahman Khadr. Zaynab Khadr is her daughter. In this interview, the two discuss the allegations against their family members. They deny that the family was ever officially a part of Al Qaeda but admit they are sympathetic to the organization. They also say they are proud that Ahmed Said Khadr died as a martyr for Islam and express their frustration with U.S. involvement in the Middle East. In April 2004, Maha returned to Canada to seek medical treatment for her youngest son Abdul Karim, who was paralyzed in the attack that killed his father. Zaynab still lives in Pakistan.

Abdullah Khadr


photo of abdullah

Twenty-three-year-old Abdullah Khadr is the son of Ahmed Said Khadr. He is considered a wanted fugitive in Pakistan and only agreed to be interviewed if his face were concealed. Abdullah has been accused of the January 2004 suicide bombing that killed a Canadian peacekeeper in Kabul -- a charge he denies. He has also been accused of having run an Al Qaeda training camp, which he also denies. In this interview, Abdullah describes his relationships with his father and his brother Abdulrahman. He also maintains that he is not a member of Al Qaeda but that he is sympathetic to its goal of a Muslim state.


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posted april 22, 2004

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