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Bibliography for FRONTLINE's John Paul II-The Millennial Pope The following books were resources in researching and reporting this program:

Kalendarium by Adam Boniecki and Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II by Tad Szulc

The Mind of John Paul II by George Hunston Williams

The Polish August by Neal Ascherson

A Secret World: Sexuality and the Search for Celibacy by Richard Sipe

The Education of an Archbishop by Paul Wilkes

Pope John Paul II on Jews and Judaism, 1979-1986, edited by Leon Kleniecki

Man of the Century by Jonathan Kwitny

His Holiness by Marco Politi and Carl Bernstein

God's Playground by Norman Davies

A Thief in the Night-The Mysterious Death of John Paul I by John Cornwell

The Polish Revolution by Timothy Garton Ash

Saint and Sinners: A History of the Popes by Eamon Duffy

Sexuality and Catholicism by Thomas C. Fox

The Death of Satan by Andrew Delbanco

Ordinary Men by Christopher Browning

Celebrate 2000: Reflections on Jesus,The Holy Spirit and the Father by John Paul II

Gift and Mystery by John Paul II

Be Not Afraid and Portrait of John Paul II by Andre Frossard

The Polish Church and Anti-Semitism,1933 and 1939 by Ron Modras

The Final Revolution by George Weigel

The Hidden Pope by Darcy O'Brien

Sign of Contradiction-The Lenten Lectures by Karol Wojtyla

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