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THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND SEX a video roundtable...View this videotaped roundtable discussion covering the following topics:

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The Church's opposition to artificial birth control, its advocacy of natural family planning, and Church teachings which are sexist.

part one (8 minutes)part two (12 minutes)

Birth control and the population issue

part one (14 minutes)part two (12 minutes)

The Church's opposition to homosexuality and the ordination of women

part one (6 minutes)part two (11 minutes)

(a transcript of this discussion is also available).


Sister Mara Faulkner, O.S.B.Sister Mara Faulkner, O.S.B.
Bettina Maria Ferraro, M.Div.Bettina Maria Ferraro, M.Div.
Sister Nancy Hynes, O.S.B.Sister Nancy Hynes, O.S.B.
Susan MangelsSusan Mangels, President of Lexington College in Chicago
Ron ModrasRon Modras, a former Catholic priest and Professor of Religion at Washington University in St. Louis. He is also the author of The Polish Church and Anti-Semitism: 1933 to 1939.
Dale O'LearyDale O'Leary is a freelance writer with Canticle Magazine and the author of The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality.
Lynn PowellLynn Powell, a poet whose collection of poems is entitled Old & New Testaments.
Read her analysis of the Pope's poetry.
Richard SipeRichard Sipe, a former Catholic priest and author of several books, among them Sex, Priest and Power and Celibacy: A Way of Loving, Living, Serving.

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