from jesus to christ - the first christians

maps, archaeology & sources

Maps of Jesus' World
Chating the reach of the Roman Empire in Jesus' time; the spread of early Christianity; the separate communities which read the gospels of either Mark, or Matthew, or Luke, or John. And more.

Biblical Archaeology Collection
Examples of archaeology discoveries which have yielded new understanding of Jesus' world and the first Christians: physical evidence of erucifixion; the remains of ancient cities; frescos and mosaics. And more.

A Chronology
The history of Christianity from the birth of Jesus through the conversion of Constantine.

An Anthology of Primary Sources
Scholars have used these little-known primary texts to piece together a portrait of Jesus and his times. Included here are the prison diary of the martyr Perpetua; gnostic poerty; the "secret saying" Gospel of Thomas. And more.

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published april 1998

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