from jesus to christ - the first christians
Rome defined one dimension of his world and Judaism, in all its diversity, the other
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The Myth Of Masada
Did hundreds of Jews really commit suicide at Masada? Historian Shaye Cohen compares Josephus' account with recent archaeological evidence.

Religion In The Roman World
An essay by Marianne Bonz describing the myriad of religious options available in the Roman Empire.

Bibilical Archaeology
Maps and profiles of the discoveries at major archaeological sites.

Descriptions of the sack of Jerusalem and the tragedy at Masada by this first century historian.

The Dead Sea Scrolls
Discovered by bedouin shepherds in cliff caves above the shore of the Dead Sea, these scrolls are internationally recognized as essential reading in the attempt to understand Jesus as a human being in his own time. The scrolls date to Jesus' time and the period shortly before. But they speak to us across two thousand years revealing much about early Christianity and its roots in ancient Judaism. Here are selected readings.

Audio Excerpt from the Documentary
The Essenes, a Jewish group who exiled themselves to the desert and are usually thought to have produced the Dead Sea Scrolls. Their story reveals how many Jews in Jesus' time shared a conviction of "apocalyptic expectation."

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published april 1998

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