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from jesus to christ - the first christians

Symposium, May 30 & 31, 1998

Faculty Panel and General Discussion
This WGBH Lowell Institute Symposium held at Harvard University was a follow up to FRONTLINE's "From Jesus to Christ" series. This panel/audience discussion session concluded the symposium and covered issues such as -- Why do New Testament scholars start with history rather than doctrine, or creed or faith in their investigations? What do we know of the women in Jesus' circle? Why was the Gospel of Thomas not accepted into the canon? The session concluded with audience questions to the faculty panel including -- 'why didn't the resurrection have a more important place in the television series?' and, 'what do you think Jesus thought he was?'

The Historical Jesus
A lecture by L. Michael White who served as chief academic advisor to the FRONTLINE series "From Jesus to Christ - The First Christians." White is Professor of Classics and Director for the Religous Studies Program, University of Texas at Austin. This lecture includes an analysis of the Christian passion narrative in its most earliest form - Paul's letters to the Corinthians.

Story and Ritual in Greece, Rome, and Early Christianity
A lecture by Helmut Koester. He is a leading authority on the gospels in early Christianity and Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Harvard Divinity School.

Magic, Miracles and the Gospel
A workshop directed by L. Michael White examining why scholars have to take the miracles of Jesus seriously and how the stories of the miracles relate to the tradition of Jesus and his divinity. This session also looks at the sources for what scholars know about the magic of the ancient world.

The Gospel of Rome vs. the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Two New Testament Responses from the Churches Founded by Paul
A presentation by Marianne P. Bonz. She is managing editor of Harvard Theological Review. She has several published articles on the developing religious message of the Roman emperors and on the status of Jews in the Greek province of the Empire.

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published april 1998

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