from jesus to christ - the first christians
Diversity - The diversity of Jesus' early followers and their struggle to shape and define their identity and faith.
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A Map of the Communities
which Paul founded in the Mediterranean basin.

Women In Ancient Christianity: The New Discoveries
Scholar Karen King examines the evidence concerning women's important place in early Christianity. She draws a surprising new portrait of Mary Magdalene and outlines the stories of previously unknown early Christian women.

Jewish Scriptures
In his teaching, Jesus often quoted the Jewish Scriptures; after his death, his followers turned to them for clues to the meaning of his life and message. Biblical scholar Mark Hamilton discusses the history of these ancient texts and their significance for early Christians and their Jewish contemporaries.

Audio Excerpt from the Documentary
On the archaeological findings at the ruins of Corinth and what they reveal about who the early Christians were, and how they worshipped.

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published april 1998

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