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join the discussion: What do you think of the battle over the Freedom Tower and its final design?  Is it a fitting choice to partially replace the World Trade Center towers destroyed on 9/11?


I think the overall impression this documentary was trying to make was one of disappointment in the final design of the Freedom Tower as a compromised oddity. I'm no student of architecture, but I view the Manhattan skyline on a daily basis, and I don't think (at this point, anyway) that I share in that disappointment. Comparing the final design of the Tower to a camel lends a pessimistic feeling to this otherwise terrific documentary. Perhaps it's too soon for the residents of the NYC area to embrace any structure built on the site of the World Trade Center?

chris villani
montclair, new jersey


A "sad compromise" it is. THIS is the tower to replace the mighty Twin Towers? Please tell me that this is some sick joke.

John O



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posted sept. 7, 2004

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