The Survival of Saddam
Saddam Hussein the 1970s
the kurds

Interview with James Akins

The Baghdad government issued this memo in early 1992. It details methods for Saddam's security apparatus to tighten control of the population and crush any opposition. Offering a clear view into the Orwellian police state Saddam has built, it also shows how his regime in many ways parallels the Soviet police state of Joseph Stalin, the leader Saddam most admires.
Principality of Stones

An excerpt from Saddam Hussein: The Politics of Revenge, by Said K. Aburish. It chronicles how after the Gulf War ended, Saddam methodically, and brutally, set about imposing greater control on the Army and security apparatus, as well as on his own personal protection system, in order to thwart any attempts to overthrow him. (read the 1992 'Plan of Action' memo noted above, for details on this crackdown.)
FRONTLINE's Spying on Saddam

Explore this FRONTLINE report on how Saddam has thwarted for years UN weapons inspectors' efforts to find and destroy his weapons of mass destruction. For example, read experts' views on:

FRONTLINE's The Gulf War

This is FRONTLINE's acclaimed in-depth report on the planning and execution of the Gulf War. Examine the large oral history archive of interviews, including ones with Gulf War experts Bernard Trainor and Rick Atkinson who analyze Iraq's strategy during the war, describe the West's view of Saddam Hussein at the time, and detail Saddam's strategic miscalculations in the war.

A list of books drawn on by the producers in the research and reporting of FRONTLINE's "The Survival of Saddam"
Tales of the Tyrant

Mark Bowden's May 2002 cover story in The Atlantic magazine draws on the extensive literature about Saddam, as well as numerous interviews with Iraqi expatriates who worked close to him, to offer a richly detailed, in-depth portrait of Saddam and what has shaped him.

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